How May I Join This Church?

By Professing Your Faith in Jesus Christ and Following Him In Believers Baptism: When you receive Jesus Christ as you Lord and Savior and follow him in believers baptism by immersion, you will be welcome to join the fellowship of this church.

By Letter: If you are a member of another Southern Baptist Church, we will gladly welcome you into our church family and we will take care of all the necessary details to have your membership transferred to this church.

By Statement: If you are a Christian and for some reason your records are not available for transferring to our church, we will accept you on your statement of your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and that you have been baptized by immersion. 

From Another Denomination: If you are a member of another denomination and you know in your heart that your are saved, have been scripturally baptized by immersion, are satisfied with your baptism, and wish to become a member of our church, we will accept you on your statement of faith. We will notify the church where your membership is to let them know that you have joined our church so they can remove your name from their membership roll.

You will be given an opportunity at the appropriate time during the service to present yourself under any of the above conditions for membership in this church. When you present yourself for membership in this church, you are also committing to serve the Lord together with other members of this church as we all reach out to others in this community and surrounding areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ.