Our Heritage

The church is one entity—the family of God—and Ingomar Baptist Church is a small branch of that family. 

Ingomar Baptist Church has always been “mission-minded”, and many of its members have participated in missions by going, giving, praying and serving on both the home and foreign mission fields. They may have been sent directly by Ingomar or accompanied a team from some other church. Others have given of their time to promote missions or to lead mission groups. There are many teachers, leaders and directors of our classes and programs; there are choir members and musicians who have been faithful to serve for literally decades, and God knows who they are.

Ingomar is also a “social-minded” church, reaching out to others, quick to respond in times of disaster and death. 

In these hundred years, weddings and funerals, births and second births have been shared, mourned and celebrated within the walls of Ingomar Baptist Church.

The influence of a church family should reflect its head – Jesus Christ. 

It should be a light in the darkness, hope for the hopeless, an anchor in a stormy sea. 

It’s our prayer that the history and the future of Ingomar Baptist Church will always be His Story.